Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving!

To commerate Wesley's 1st Thanksgiving and our 10th Thanksgiving away from home, I thought I'd chronicle our day in pictures. Follow along with me...

We start our day by all doing our own thing:

Maya starts her day with a cup'o Barbie.

Jason and Wesley park themselves on the couch for a lil' football, manly time.

Wesley moves on to his exersaucer and a little time with frog friends.

Jason arises from the couch to carve our "giant" bird!

We finally made it to the dinner table about 2:30 pm!

Full of turkey and other goodies, we rest our bodies back in front of football and Polly Pocket.

Daisy and Alley rest right along with us, not quite as full on turkey but dreaming of raiding the fridge.

Hope ya'll had a wonderful holiday!! We sure did!!

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