Saturday, January 3, 2009

Feel like you've been hit by a bus?

Nope, that was just the holidays!! Man, I was just remembering to write December on my checks and now it's gone!!! Well, I hope that the holidays were as exciting and fun for ya'll as it was for us. We enjoyed Christmas parties, visiting with Santa and big hair cuts for the kids. Funny that I should include hair cuts on our list of excitement, huh. Well, for both the kids, it WAS exciting. After much debate Maya decided to cut off her long hair. It was exciting and traumatic all the same. I took her to one of those kiddie hair cut places where they distract the kids with videos and games while they are getting their hair cut. We told the lady what Maya wanted and after that, Maya was glued to the TV screen. Sadly, when as the lady finished up the cut, Maya looked away from the screen long enough to gaze at her new adorable "do". And I knew immediately that she wasn't pleased. Silent tears began to stream down her face but she didn't say anything. The poor stylist kept asking her what was wrong but I kept things going before a huge melt down began. I got her outside in the parking lot and poor Maya lost it. "I hate my hair!" Poor thing. She looked adorable but Maya was feeling her first touch of "cutter's remorse". I'm happy to report that she loves her hair now and I'm thrilled because it's the cut that I've been wanting her to get for years. We'll have to wait and see what she decided to do next. Sadly, I'm sure I'm only a few short years away from arguing more about the color of her hair rather than the length.

And as you can see from the picture, Mr. Wesley got his first official "big boy" haircut this month too. I never thought I'd be taking my 5 month old son in for his first "do" but it was time. The floppy locks were getting in his eyes. So, I took him to the same place Maya goes and he did great. The lady took about an 1 1/2 inches off everywhere and really gave him a styling "do".

Anyway, we hope ya'll had a wonderful holiday season! Here's to another great year to come!!